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Advantedge Time & Cost

Time & Cost complements the Jobcard and Jobcost programs for companies who need to process a large number of Jobs.  This will allow office staff to enter Time Sheets (labour), or Job Sheets (labour, material and travel) and assign them to Jobs with a minimum amount of effort.

Increased office data entry productivity is achieved by providing a fast and easy one screen entry for your Job Charges (labour and material) and allowing you to assigned each entry to a selected Job.

An important consideration is the ability to configure labour charge rates to suit your requirements. The Employee Rates option allows you to assign individual employee's cost and charge rates to provide accurate profit values by Job, Employee and Department. Any labour adjustments in Jobcard are tracked and available on reports. You can analyse unproductive labour (E.g. Training. Workshop).

Material charges are based on the charge basis (cost, trade or retail) you have set up for each Job with an optional percentage markup.

Single Point Entry
A One Screen entry allows you to quickly and accurately enter labour, material and travel charges against a Job. These entries are sourced from employees Time / Job Sheets and attached supplier packing slips. After details are entered and checked, you post the charges to the assigned Jobs. The one screen entry is divided into two grids;

LABOUR ENTRY: Labour entry is extremely flexible. You can configure how labour is charges to suit your requirements. (See Labour Charge Rates below.) Reality dictates that the hours worked are not always what is charged. Uncharged hours can be assigned a productivity code (E.g. Workshop). Labour charges and productivity are entered in one line entry.
MATERIAL ENTRY: Allows you to enter material and travel charges, using existing codes in your Pricing / Inventory system. You only enter the product code and quantity, with the charge price calculated on posting the Job Sheet.
The charge prices for materials are based on the charge basis (cost, trade or retail) you have set up for each Job with an optional % markup.

Labour Charge Rates
You can choose from one of three methods to charge for labour. (Any transfers to Jobcost are at cost.)

EMPLOYEE RATES: Uses individual employee cost and charge values as set in the Time & Cost program. Using employee rates provides the only true method of automatically calculating your labour profit per Job. It overrides all other labour charging methods.

LABOUR PRODUCT PRICES: Uses the Pricing product (cost, trade, or retail) rates and the Jobcard Job Basis (cost, trade, or retail plus a % margin). You must configure Jobcard on what basis labour is charged.

LABOUR CHARGE OUT BASIS: This option is set for each Job. It first requires that Time & Cost is set up to charge Labour Product Prices. Labour is charged at the selected labour pricing codes; cost, trade, or retail price.

To avoid data entry duplication , Time & Cost is linked to Pricing, Jobcard, Jobcost and Payroll programs.

When you are unable to charge the full amount of hours to a Job, or Contract, you can assign those unproductive hours to a code for later analysis. This is tracked by Employee, Job, and Department.  The program also features productivity and analysis reporting; by Job, Department and Employee.

Payroll Link
The employee hours that are entered in the Time & Cost program towards Jobcards, or Contracts are displayed in Payroll Time Sheet entry as a total hours worked for each day.  History reports of hours that have been charged out are also available.

Other Features

  • Easy to use entry screen to enter Job Sheets, or Time Sheets.

  • Single point of entry for Labour, Materials and Travel charges.

  • Quickly and easily enter all charges for single, or multiple Jobs.

  • Option to charge Normal, Time & ½, or Double Time to Jobs.

  • Transfer employee's hours worked into Payroll.

  • Track employee costs versus charged out - Year to Date.

  • Employee based Departmental breakdown.

  • Track per Job, employee costs versus charged.

  • Track and identify Employee Productivity.

  • Wide range of configuration options to suit your specific requirements.

Time & Cost Reports

  • Unposted Time Sheets.

  • Posted Time Sheets.

  • Hours and Sales by Employee.

  • Jobs and Contracts by Employee.

  • Employee Details by Contract.

  • Employee Details by Job.

  • Employee Details by Department.

  • Employee Job Analysis YTD Summary.

  • Department Summary.

  • Charged Job - Details.

  • Productivity History.

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