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Advantedge Special Pricing

Special Pricing provides improved flexibility in the pricing of your products, either by product code, buying group and even fixed prices for a customer. You can have four quantity breaks per product.

Buying Groups
These are groups of similar customers, who receive the same pricing structure, normally based on the amount of goods they purchased. Each group is assigned different prices for the same product.

To speed up the set up process, you can copy an established buying group (with all products) to a new one. You can also print price lists based on the buying group and distribute directly to customers. Example Buying Groups are; Staff, Wholesale & Retail.

Price Setup
All products are required to be first set up in the Pricing program, with a product code, description and type. Inventory control information is also entered at this time.

You can then use the quick setup option to build all, or selected products as Special Pricing items. This option also allows you to assign product groups, weights / measurements and regular prices. Once a special price is setup, that price is used instead of that in Pricing.

Product Groups
You can group each product into a product group. These assist in ordering products and allow grouped products to be optionally displayed on an Order Entry page tab. (This provides a powerful entry option for receiving customer phone orders.) Products are also listed within group headings on sectional reports.

Fixed Prices
Your customers can also have a list of products with fixed prices, that are outside their Buying Group. These prices are net and are not discounted any further (by the global discounting feature).

Global Price Changes
You can alter prices globally when required. (Price changes can be set up in advance, to be actioned at a future date.)

Product selection options include Buying Group, Product Group as well as individual products. Changing a price can be actioned by either a cents/measure ratio, percentage, or raw adjustment.

Global price changes do not effect; products on sale, quantity breaks or fixed prices.

Special Pricing is fully integrated to the; Pricing, Order Entry, Invoicing, Jobcard, Quoting and Inventory programs.

Date Based Specials
This options allows you to nominate in advance products that are an "on sale" price with start and end dates. You can restrict date based specials to selected Buying groups or individual customers.

Bonus Pricing - Promotions
A bonus product promotion option is available to provide a promotional ability for products to be sold as "Buy 1 get one Free" or "Buy 1 get on Half Price".

These options use the existing pricing structure setup and are used to create zero value charges on "free sales" or discount the ½ price lines.

User Definable Customer Price List
This definable report utility allows you to create custom reports per Buying Group.
You can order the report into logical sections and include price break and product group headers.  Both product groups and products can be ordered as required.

Once defined the report can be saved with a unique report title.  Defined reports will use the latest price and product descriptions.

Customer Discount
A percentage discount set up for each customer in the Debtors program is applied line by line for Invoicing and Jobcard, and at the end of a computer invoice from Order Entry.  The discount will be off the prices set up in Special Pricing, with the exception of Fix Prices.

Quantity Breaks
Special Pricing has four price breaks per product for use when products are purchased in bulk. The first break quantity is shown on screen as you enter the line. Price breaks occur automatically as soon as the quantity reaches a given threshold. For example;

  Quantity 0 - 24 = $100   Buying Group Sell Price
  Quantity 25 - 34 = $99   Quantity Break
  Quantity 32 - 49 = $97    
  Quantity Over 50 = $95    



Conversion of Weight / Measurements
Items sold by weight have a conversion to kilograms to help with the checking of orders.

For example; a 250 gram packet sold as a quantity of four units will have a 1 kilogram extended weight. Optional total kilograms can be entered and the program will automatically convert it back to grams. This works in a similar fashion for measurements.

Special Pricing Reports

  • Buying Group List.

  • Buying Group Customers.

  • Price List.

  • Product Settings List.

  • Fixed Prices.

  • Special Listing.

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