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Advantedge Inventory

The Inventory program is a full stock control system allowing tracking and maintenance your stock levels for all product lines, at every location or branch of your business. Each product has fields for a Sort code, Bar code, Supplier, Product Group and Margin and Quantity Discount Scales.

The Inventory program includes all has the features of the Pricing program.

To make a Pricing product an Inventory product is a simple matter of assigning it for stock control. This allows you to just select those products you wish to implement stock control for, while the others are used for pricing only.

You can easily make stock adjustments, transfers, orders and receipts. A full printed audit occurs with every transaction that effects stock levels or valuations. Price lists, purchase orders, stock valuations and stock take reports are always available.

Group or Product
While Inventory can be used standalone for stock control, it is more productive when integrated with other programs. The Invoicing and Creditors programs will automatically adjust Inventory stock levels when sales occur, or purchases are received. When sales exceed current stock levels, allocated stock can still be sold. On the receipt of the stock, the levels are automatically balanced.

Stock Valuations
Stock valuations are available as a printed report. This report enables the stock valuation to be based on either the products standard cost, last cost or average cost. The true cost, standard cost, calculated average cost and last cost prices are maintained for each product. 

Automatic Stock Update
SALES:             Sales automatically increase stock as each invoice transaction is posted (printed) in Computer Invoicing.
PURCHASES:     Purchases automatically reduce stock after posting a transaction in Creditors Transaction detail entry.

Manual Transactions
You have the option of manually entering stock both IN and OUT of the Inventory system. A stock adjustment option is also available. (Located on separate page tabs.)  You would normally only use these features when setting up, or if you were operating Inventory as a stand a lone program.

You can view a summarised history of all transactions for a product, using the Product Ledger. This can be by Transaction date, Product Type, Note, Number of units, Cost Price and Total Cost.

The Inventory program product information is available for use in the; Invoicing, Creditors, Warranty, Serial Numbers, EDI, Jobcost, Jobcard Entry and Quoting programs.

Branches / Locations
The Inventory program track's products that are located at multiple branches or locations. Transfers between branches and sales from other locations are both available from within Inventory. When integrated to Invoicing and Creditors programs, you can allocate sales and purchases to the correct location.

The Warranty feature is an add on sub program (requires Inventory program).  For every product selected for warranty purposes, the program tracks when each product is sold, to which customer and the duration of the warranty.  Each product can have a selectable warranty period. 

An enquiry option allows you to quickly and easily locate the product and whether it is within the warranty period.

Serial Numbers
The Serial Number feature is an add on sub program (requires Inventory program). For every product selected for serial number tracking, the program tracks each serialised product as it enters the Inventory system (purchases) until it is sold (Invoicing) to a customer.

As product is purchased, you can choose enter serial numbers into either Creditors, or Inventory, but you must enter the serial numbers in Invoicing when they are sold.

Inventory Reports

  • Stock Reorder Levels.

  • Stock Valuation.

  • Stock Take Report.

  • Available Serial Numbers.

  • Sold Serial Numbers.

  • Warranty Details.

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