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Advantedge Quoting

The Quoting program can be used by any company who repeatedly prepare Quotations, Tenders, or Estimates. It is a time saving method of producing accurate quotations via integration with the Pricing program.

You can use pricing information from your suppliers, or maintain your own. The use of your suppliers electronic pricing information, ensures that you are using the latest prices at all times. During quote preparation, you can make on screen enquires of all pricing items.

Each pricing item contains full details including a cost, trade and retail price. You can use advanced pricing searching methods including item code, description, item class, and supplier.

You can easily set up templates, with your frequently used groups of items. You import these templates time and time again.  On import, you can make changes, inert and delete products, as required. Templates are never out of date, the latest price is used when you import a templates during quote preparation.

You can break a quotation down into stages (or phases of work). Each stage can have a different cost type (cost, trade, retail) and percentage. The stage cost is displayed during quotation preparation.

Units (Kitsets)
The quoting program allows you to import units (kitsets) from the pricing program. These can be customised (add, change, or delete items) as required, before being summarised as one line. You then enter the quantity of units. If a unit is altered for a quote, it does not affect the original unit in Pricing.

Reprice Quotes
When prices change, (in the Pricing), you can automatically recalculate selected quotations. This allows you to update expired quotes with the latest pricing prices. The program uses prices from the pricing program to update the prices in the quote. You have the option to manually check each updated line item, or allow the program to do this automatically.

To avoid duplication of data entry, you can link Quoting to Pricing, Invoicing, Jobcost and programs.

Bill of Materials
When you have successfully tendered for a quote, the program will generate a Consolidated Report, or a Bill of Materials. This displays for each item the total quantity needed. This report can be printed with or without prices, and can be used to request materials from your warehouse or a supplier.

User Definable Quote Printing
User can easily define the contents of their quotes. You can define various Header and Footer descriptions that can be used to build up different types of quotes for different types of customers. The way you include quote values can also be defined. When you have the content finalised, you can Save the content for future use. Quotes can be previewed before printing.

While a standard layout is available, a customisation service is available if you require a specialised quote layout.

Printed Quotes
A completed quote can be print out and given directly to a client, with an optional (no price) Material / Detail listing.

Quote History
When quotes are completed, they are removed from the system to avoid a build up of quotes. To provide a place of review for these completed quotes, they are available in the History system.

Other Features

  • Ability to Copy Quotes.

  • Display of Quote Totals, displaying Profit for Materials, Labour, Travel, Units and Other.

  • Reports provide a breakdown of costs, gross profit and sell prices for labour and materials.

  • Transfer Accepted Quotes to Jobcost for Back Costing.

  • Transfer Completed Quotes to Invoicing for Charging.

  • Ability to use Units from Pricing / Inventory.

  • Ability to use Templates.

Quoting Reports

  • Customer Quote.

  • Customer Quote Detail Listing.

  • Quote Job Sheet.

  • Summary Listing.

  • Consolidated Report.

  • Detail Report.

  • Detail Content Summary.

  • Schedule Summary.

  • Schedule Detail.


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