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Advantedge Purchase Order

The Purchase Order program allows control of expenditure within your business for both charge up Jobs and Contracts. You can control the purchase order process, from the time of Order, through to Receipt of the goods.

You can print entered purchase orders and track the orders until they are receipted (arrive). All unfulfilled orders, or stock that is on back order can be reviewed using the Purchase Orders report.

You can receipt the goods as being delivered, directly into the Purchase Order program (by your warehouse person) at the time of arrival, or by your office staff, when you enter the Invoice into the Creditors program

Order Header Info
All purchase orders require the user to select the Supplier, assign a Job, or Contract, enter the Date of order, and Description of order. You can choose between two types of Purchase Order;

Detail Order Entry
This entry method requires you to enter each individual Materials, or Service being purchased.

Phone Order (Summary)
This allows entry of orders with only the Supplier and Job Name assigned to the purchase order. This method of entry does not require any purchase (line) details. Assigning a Job Name to an order number is especially useful when importing EDI Invoices as the program automatically defaults the EDI Invoice to the Job, or Contract assigned to the Purchase Order number.

Stock Re Order Recommendations
You can automate Inventory to re order products that fall below desired levels. In Purchase Order, you can import the (recommended re order) product list. You can easily override the recommended order by either changing the quantity to re order, or deleting products from the recommended re order.

Inventory Back Orders
The Purchase Order program allows you to process Inventory Back Orders. You can altered the back ordered lines inside purchase order, to increase, or decrease the required quantity.

To avoid duplication of data entry, the order information is available in other programs. Purchase Order is fully integrated to the Creditors, Pricing, Jobcard, Jobcost, Inventory, and EDI programs.

Purchase Order History
All entered and received order information is kept in the history file. This is available either on the screen, or via a report.

Purchase Order Reports

  • Purchase Order Summary.

  • Received Purchase Orders.




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