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Advantedge Pricing

The Pricing program is a electronic pricebook program, available for product enquires in other programs.  At its basic level, you only need to have a product code, description, and prices.    Integration features allow you to search and use the latest product prices when using the Invoicing, Jobcard Entry, Creditors, Time & Cost, Jobcost and Quoting programs.

To set up pricing, you can enter your own products, or import an electronic pricebook from your supplier.

Many merchants supply their customers with Electronic Pricebooks.  These are electronic versions of their hardcopy price books.  As a customer, the advantage of using such a facility is that you can use electronic updates to ensure you are always using the latest prices.

You can assign each product a Cost, Trade and Retail price, with a percentage automatically calculated between each price.  (Discount from Trade = Cost price, and  Margin above Trade = Retail price).

For accurate and lasting pricing, you can set (individually or globally), the percentage above trade margin for each product.  An advanced feature allows you to group products into item classes, with separate discounts and margins for each class.  Some suppliers provide electronic pricebooks with classes already assigned to products.  All you need to do is enter the percentage discount and margin for the few dozen (or so) classes and the program will automate the process of assigning the values to all products.

Product Searching
You can search for products by either the Code, Alias Code, Description, Product Group, and Item Class. When using the description search, you can search for multiple words in an items description. The selected items, along with their prices, are displayed to the screen.

Electronic Updates
Pricing is easily updated using supplier pricing disks, this allows you to always have the latest prices available. The supplier will send you, on a regular basis, a disk containing the price changes.

The pricing program loads the items on this disk and then applies any changes to the products effected. Each product has a date set in the Last Update field when the change occurred. Electronic updates are available from most major merchants in the contracting industry.

To avoid duplication of data entry, the Pricing program links to Invoicing, Creditors, Jobcost, Jobcard Entry, Quoting, Purchase Order, and EDI programs.

An innovative feature of Pricing is the ability for you to combine multiple products into units. Once combined, the unit then become product. When ever you update Pricing, the units are updated. You can use units as normal products during Invoicing, Jobcard Entry, Jobcost and Quoting.

Product Notes
You can assign notes to each product.  These are for internal use only and are viewable viewable in Invoicing, Jobcard Entry and Quoting.

Custom Pricing Report
You can set-up a custom pricing report containing only those items that you use on a regular basis. A common use for a custom report is to generate a price list, as retail prices can optionally be printed. Each Custom Pricing code groups all the items together. For example; CABLE.

Default Price Levels
This method allows the setting up of individual products, so individual customers will automatically receive a special price (or discount) during invoicing entry.

You can have Ten Price Levels. Each level can be sold at either Cost, Trade, or Retail with a plus / minus percentage. After setting up the products with the specific discount levels, you then assign a level to a specific customer.

Other Features

  • Use an Alias Codes to linked the same product from multiple merchants electronic price book's.
  • Assign a code to multiple products so you can easily change the margin above trade and the discount from cost.
  • Delete products from your pricebook and prevent future updates from re-adding them.

Pricing Reports

  • Price List.
  • Summary.
  • Sales Analysis.
  • Purchase Analysis.
  • Custom Report.
  • Unit Report.
  • Templates.
  • Product Listing.
  • Product Setup Codes.
  • Alias Code Summary.

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