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Advantedge Payroll

Payroll will enable you to process your wages quickly and effortlessly, with only a minimum amount of training required to use the program.  The flexibility of the Payroll program makes it suitable for all types and sizes of businesses. You can use Payroll stand alone, or integrate it with the Time & Cost, Jobcost and Bank Link programs.

The program will automatically calculate PAYE, Child Support, Student Loan repayments, and is Kiwi Saver compliant.  The tracking of holiday, sick and apprentice hours is automatic.  You are informed (during processing the period end) when PAYE deductions are due for payment and automatically generates the required IRD approved reports.

Timesheet Entry
Entering an employees time sheet is very easy. You can enter each employees hours as well as allowance & deductions for the pay period.  If desired, the values can default from the previous pay period. The time sheet entry screen includes the available Holiday and Sick hours, with a warning being issued, when you try to exceed the limits.

Allowance & Deductions
In Time Sheet entry you can assign user definable allowance & deduction codes, enables the tracking and analysis of allowances and deductions.  You can use formulas to assist in the automatic calculation of the allowance, or deduction.  An advanced feature enables employees to have two penal rates of pay, in addition to their normal pay rate.

This feature displays a summary of all previous pays for a selected employee, with pays grouped by month. You can print out this information for a selected month.  This feature also allows the printing of payslip copies that includes additional information that made up the pay.

Tracking Holiday & Sick Pay
The program will track for each employee any Holiday or Sick hours that are entitled to. Available hours are displayed in time sheet entry. You can select a warning, or prevent the operator from exceeding these hours.  When a final pay occurs, the Holiday Pay is automatically calculated.

Payroll is compliant with the Holiday & Leave Act 2003, tracking all required employee information.  This information is available in Payroll - Enquiry and the Holiday & Leave report.

Employer Monthly Schedule IR348
At the end of the monthly PAYE period, during pay processing, the program automatically prints an IRD approved IR348. Additionally, in reports, you can print an IR348 for the current, or last period. When the program is set up for fortnightly PAYE, a report details the amounts to pay.

This is an electronic version of the Employer Monthly Schedule, sent to the IRD via the Internet. The program exports the IR-FILE data. You then log on to the IRD Internet site, and follow the required instructions to upload the data.

To avoid duplication of data entry, charges and work descriptions can be transferred as saved invoices from Jobcost & Bank Link programs. You are also able to import each employee's hours from the Time & Cost program.

Payment Methods
You can pay employee's by either Cash, Cheque and Direct Credit, or a mixture. Employee wages can be direct credited into single, or multiple bank accounts.  A report is available listing the direct credit details and you can also export the direct credit amounts to your Bank via the Bank Link program. (Requires your Banks program.)

Payment by Direct Credit
When employees are paid by direct credit, you can transfer the payment details to Advantedge Bank Link, which will export the payment details as a batch, ready for import into your banks program.

Child Support & Student Loans
The program will track those employees who have been instructed to pay any child support to the IRD. The program also tracks student loan repayments.

Employee Analysis
Employee and Job analysis figures are easily obtained. Advanced Jobcosting is achieved by integrating the Payroll program with the Jobcost program, ensuring that all times relating to a job are captured, validated, and then charged accordingly.

To avoid duplication of data entry, the Debtors program is linked to; Time & Cost, Jobcost and Bank Link.

Other Features

  • Multiple Reports can be Printed via a macro.
  • Payroll links to Bank Link, so employee's can be paid via Direct Credit.
  • Advanced Pay Rates Feature.
  • Department Analysis.
  • Track Lieu Hours.
  • Charged hours entered into Time & Cost appear in Time Sheet entry.
  • Cash rounding is User Definable.

Payroll Reports

  • Current Pay Summary.
  • Current Pay Detail.
  • Employee Details.
  • Year to Date Summary.
  • Year to Date Details.
  • Banking Details.
  • Employer Monthly Schedule IR348.
  • Employers Monthly Summary.
  • Child Support Report.
  • Student Loan.
  • Direct Credit Summary.
  • Payslips.
  • Department Pay Summary .
  • Department Pay & Hours Summary.
  • Department Pay History.
  • Department Analysis.
  • Annual Sick Pay.
  • Annual Holiday Pay.
  • Cash Analysis.
  • Lieu Hours.
  • Allowance & Deductions Summary.
  • Allowance & Deductions Details.
  • Labour to Contract Analysis.


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