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Advantedge Order Entry

The Order Entry program is designed for distribution, production and manufacturing industries who require quick and easy entry of orders as they arrive.

The Order Entry method is configurable, either by entering the required products, or pre set templates where similar products are grouped together. The latter method requires only the quantity to be entered for each required product.

An order is able to accumulate order details until complete. When this occurs, the actual dispatch quantity is entered, usually off a dispatch list prepared by your product dispatch person.  When the dispatch products are confirmed, the order is posted to Invoicing and charged.

Entering Orders
You can choose between entering ordered products Free Form, or via Pre Defined Entry Tabs.

FREE FORM ORDER ENTRY Simply enter a code for each product ordered along with the quantities to supply. This entry method is similar to Invoicing and Jobcard. Full searching for codes by partial code and description is available.

PRE DEFINED ENTRY TABS This method provides user defined templates that allow the display of similar products grouped in a row of entry tabs.

You are only required to enter the quantities ordered for each product.  When the order is actioned as complete, a complete list of ordered products are displayed for reviewing and confirmation with the customer that the order is correct.

Product Prices
The products prices are sourced from Pricing, Inventory, or Special Pricing.

You can use the Special Pricing program to provide accurate prices for an extensive range of criteria. Special Pricing features include;
BUYING GROUPS:        These are groups of customers who share a price structure.
QUANTITY BREAKS:    Each buying group product can have four quantity rates.
FIXED PRICES:            A customer can have a fixed product price, outside their buying group.

Refer to the Special Pricing brochure for full details on the above features.

Order Entry is fully integrated to Debtors, Invoicing, Pricing, Special Pricing and Inventory programs.  

Automatic Customer Discount
You can set up individual customers who receive an overall discount off the price list. The program creates an automated invoice line with the discount value. "Fixed price" lines are not discounted.

Other Features

  • Print packing slips for supplied products.
  • Quantities with three decimal places.
  • Stock selection across multiple branches.
  • Insert user-defined standard text into invoice.
  • Automatic generation of invoices from complete order.
  • Protection of cost price and margin information.
  • History of all ordered and dispatched orders.
  • Central Billing Support.
  • Conversion of Weight.

Order Entry Reports

  • Production List.
  • Dispatch List.
  • Daily Invoice List.
  • Not Available List.
  • Dispatch Docket.


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