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Advantedge Jobcard

The Jobcard program is a charge up Job management system, designed to track from start to finish and report on a Jobs progress. We define a Job as charge up, or any work without a fixed expenditure value, such as a contract. For tendered work, consider our Jobcost program.

The Jobcard accumulates purchased materials, services & labour until complete and ready for charging. On completion, the Job is transferred to Invoicing for charging. You can consolidate line details for Materials, or Labour. Available reports include Pending & Work in Progress.

Jobcard Entry
You can enter chargeable work directly into Jobcard as work progresses, or on completion. Chargeable details can be entered as actual amounts used, from Job Sheets, Creditor invoices, Time Sheets and Electronic Invoices (EDI).

Jobcard entry is fully integrated to the Pricing / Inventory programs, to provide the latest pricing information. Templates (boilerplate listings) can be used to insert complete Jobs, for common Jobs. Units can be displayed as a single line entry, or in detail, (all components).

Job Pricing
Each Job can have a charge out factor of either Cost, Trade or Retail prices for the Materials or Labour to be used. Prices for commonly used charges, are normally taken from Pricing. You can optionally manually enter charge lines if required. By having a pricing system that includes cost and retail prices, the program can provide each Job with Job Analysis and Profit details.

You can charge out each item or line at a different rate than the actual price. This is used to price the items specifically for the Job, by increasing or decreasing the price as required. For Cost & Trade price based Jobs a mark up percentage is used to calculate the Sell Price of the Job. For Retail based pricing, you would use a discount percentage over the entire Job to reduce the overall retail price.

When a Job contains a standard type of activity or material list, you can load a Job Template that contains all the items used. These items load with the latest price and usually only require quantity changes. You can edit all template items as per normal lines. You can load as many templates per Job as is required.

To avoid duplication of data entry, you can have Materials and Labour accumulate from other programs, Creditors, EDI and Payroll. Jobcard Entry is fully integrated to the Creditors, Pricing, Inventory, Invoicing, Debtors and EDI programs. If your supplier provides electronic invoices, the EDI program will automatically import supplier invoices into Jobcard, via Creditors.

Completed Jobs - Charging
You can transfer completed Jobs as stored invoices to the Invoicing program. The information transferred to the invoice can be consolidated form, (Material and/or Labour totals), or with full details of all items used. The transferred Jobs are available for viewing in Job History. Completed Jobcards are transferred to Invoicing as saved invoices.

Job History
Items that are transferred to Invoicing as a saved invoice become part of the Job History. Partial completed jobs, after being closed off, can have more information can put against them if and when required. Jobs can be viewed, either by customer, or by Job Number / Name.

Date Entry
An option is available when entering Job details to include the date, when more than one day of labour was accumulated against the Job. This allows the identification of the date the work was completed on. This information is transferred to Job History, but not Invoicing.

Other Features

  • Wizard to move a saved Job from one customer to another customer.
  • Display of Job Totals, displaying Profit for Materials, Labour, Travel, Units and Other.
  • Transfer Completed Job to Invoicing for Charging.
  • Ability to use Units from Pricing / Inventory.

Jobcard Reports

  • Job Analysis Report.

  • Jobcard Summary List.

  • Jobcard Details.

  • Jobcard Order Details.

  • Pending Jobcards List.

  • Work in Progress List.

  • Monthly Material Transfers.


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