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Advantedge Invoicing
Computer Invoicing allows the production of printed customer invoices quickly and effortlessly.  You can enter freeform, charge lines of work being charged, or use products from the pricing program to recall charge descriptions and charge prices.

On completion, you can either SAVE the Invoice, or Print and Debit the invoice to the customer account, in Debtors. You can also print Invoices as batches.  You can Create, Save, Retrieve and Edit invoices at any time before billing.

You can enter invoice narrations, (with spell check) of the work carried out anywhere through the invoice body.  Common narrations can be saved and reused for future use.

Invoice Entry
You can enter charge lines, or text lines.

CHARGE LINES: You can enter codes to recall descriptions and prices to speed invoice generation. Use either your own codes, or merchants electronic pricing codes.  You can add products on the fly. Non stock charge lines can also be added.

TEXT LINES: You can enter multi line work descriptions anywhere throughout invoice entry.

To increase productivity, you can use templates, allowing the import into an invoice of previously saved common types of activities or material charges. You can create templates with just charges, or descriptions, or a mixture of both.

Templates are loaded with the latest prices and usually only require quantity changes. You can edit all template items as per normal lines. You can load multiple templates into an invoice.

Customer Discounts
There are three options of providing your customers with discounts on your invoices;

LINE BY LINE:     Allows each invoice line to have a % discount, with automatic display of the dollar discount value.

INVOICE DISCOUNTS:     On completion of the invoice, you can assign a % discount on the complete invoice, or only the materials, labour, travel, other charge types, or a combination of types. When applied, a discount line is added to the bottom of the invoice.

DEFAULT PRICE LEVELS:     This method allows the setting up of groups of products, with discount rates, so individual customers will automatically receive a special price (or discount) during invoicing entry.

To avoid duplication of data entry, Invoicing is linked to Debtors, Jobcard, Jobcost, Quoting, General Ledger, Pricing / Inventory, Warranty and Serial Numbers.  By using Jobcard, Jobcost and Quoting, charges and work descriptions can be transferred directly into Invoicing as saved invoices.

Billed Invoice / Copies
Items that are transferred to Invoicing as a saved invoice become part of the Job History. If you require an invoice copy for filing purposes, the Period List feature allows you to either print out copies at the end of the month, or at regular times throughout the month. The Search feature allows you to locate any computer printed invoice that has been saved on the system.

Standing Invoices
Standing Invoice Generation. You create regular Standing invoices to automatically generate either a; 1, 2, 3, 6, or 12 monthly frequency, and set the start month and year. The program will generate the standing invoices during the period end for the coming month. A report is available, listing when invoices are due to be billed.

Invoice Layouts
There are currently six standard layouts available.  Standard.  Standard, with Units.  Letterhead A4.  Plain paper Boxed.  Plain paper - No Remittance.  Plain Paper Letterhead.

Custom Invoice Layouts
A customisation service is available if you require a specialised invoice layout, or statement layout.

Invoice Paper
This is an attractive light blue pre printed paper, with a perforation for an remittance advice. You can also use the paper for statements and payslips.

Other Features

  • Wizard to move a saved Invoice from one customer to another customer.

  • You can set a default standard invoice narration to appear on the bottom of invoices.

  • You can view during entry; Customer Balances, Credit Limit, Customer Notes.

  • You can view during line entry, a products Cost, Trade & Retail prices.

  • You can enter a description for the Customer's Statement.

  • Analyse Invoices - Transaction Analysis.

  • Print Despatch Notes.

  • Invoicing Reports.

  • Uncharged Invoice Summary.

  • Uncharged Invoice Detail.

  • Monthly Invoice Summary.

  • Standing & Held Invoices.


Invoicing Reports

  • Uncharged Invoice Summary.

  • Uncharged Invoice Details.

  • Monthly Invoice Summary.

  • Standing Invoice Summary.

  • Held Invoices.


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