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Advantedge EDI

ELECTRONIC SUPPLIER INVOICES:    Merchants supplying materials to the Electrical, Contracting and Building Industries are now supplying their customers with electronic invoices.

You can use the EDI program to import these invoices directly into Advantedge, without the time consuming manual entry of invoices into Creditors.  You can import invoices from multiple suppliers.

Added advantage is gained with the use of Jobcard and Jobcost programs.  If your staff use a order system that relates to Jobs or Contracts, the EDI program allows you to assign purchases to the Job, or Contract.  The benefit is that the EDI also assists in the costing and charging process.

This program provides measurable benefits that can result is a huge saving of data entry time and will pay for itself in a remarkably short time.

How EDI Works
Merchants supply EDI files in a number of ways; by downloading from the Internet, or via e-mail.

To import the file into Advantedge Accounts, you will have to save the EDI file to a specified location. Instructions and location will differ from merchant to merchant.

When a file becomes available, the import button becomes available. When complete, you should always check invoices before posting.

You can re order columns to more easily find a specific invoice. And you can also search for an Invoice by; Date, Reference, Order Number.

At this stage, you can also assign invoices to charge up Jobs in Jobcard and quoted Contracts in Jobcost. If you have the purchase order system, and each purchase order is assigned to a Job, the EDI program will automatically assign the invoice details to a Job, or Contract.

You have the option to Accept, or Hold each invoice. When you accept invoices, they become available for posting in a batch process. When you post option, the invoice header and detail information is sent directly to Creditor Transactions (plus Jobcard and Jobcard if required).

EDI Invoice Structure
The structure of EDI invoices are similar to the paper counterpart, and consist of two parts;

HEADER: Contains invoice number, date, total & your Job No.

DETAILS: Contains the individual purchase lines of the invoice.

You have the option to either assign an entire invoice to a Job, or assign individual lines of an invoice to different Jobs, or Contracts.

To avoid duplication of data entry, EDI links to Creditors, General Ledger, Cashbook, Jobcard, Jobcost and the Purchase Order programs.

EDI History
For your protection, the program keeps an original record of all EDI invoice details you receive, for future reference.

Other Features

  • Transaction Analysis.

  • EDI Invoice History.

  • Put EDI Invoices on Hold.

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