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Advantedge Creditors

The Creditors program provides your business with all the necessary tools to maintain accurate records, and enable you to make the most efficient use of your resources.  It provides you with complete and accurate information of your companies credit position with your suppliers.

Computer cheque & remittance advice printing is available. By using the credit terms and the payment code options, you can specify the payment basis of creditors.

Creditor Details
As well as assigning the usual contact details for each supplier, you can assign a Credit Limit, Payment Terms, GST Status, Default Payment Method.  You can also enter Internal Notes regarding each supplier that are only viewable during program operation.  If you select to pay the supplier via Direct Credit, an additional page tab is displayed to enter the suppliers Bank Account Details.

Note that creditors is Open Item only, in that it tracks all invoices until paid, or a credit note is assigned.

Seven Days
One option for a suppliers payment terms is Seven Days.  For each supplier you enable, the program will provide seven day aged balance and ledger reports.

Transaction Entry allows the entry of supplier invoices, or credit notes.  This process can be automated if your supplier provides electronic invoices.  (Requires the Advantedge EDI Program.)

You can enter transactions in either be entered in summary, or details mode.
SUMMARY:    Only requires the entry of a total value for invoice.  This mode does not allow the use of the Advantedge Jobcard, Jobcost or EDI programs.

DETAIL:        Requires the entry of every line on the supplier invoice. 

Detail entry is useful for checking prices, stock control, or more importantly for charging your customers.  Each line can be assigned to either a charge up Job in Jobcard, or a quoted Contract in Jobcost.  By having your cost, trade and retail prices for each product in the Pricing program, and you assign each Job to have a charge basis, you can have the system to automatically apply a default charge price for each invoice line entered into Creditors.

A pop up window is available during Transaction Entry, displaying outstanding creditor invoices and balances.

Recurring Invoices
You can set up recurring invoices for transactions with the same amounts that are usually paid via an Automatic Payment.  For example; rent, insurance's.  All regular frequencies are catered for.  The program creates the invoice and payment in one operation when it becomes due.  If linked the Cashbook and General Ledger programs are updated. 

The recurring system allows for changing the invoice detail and value, if required.

Direct Debit Invoices
Direct debit arrangements are also catered for.  When these become due, you are prompted to enter the amount for the invoice current.  All regular frequencies are catered for.  The program will create the invoice and payment in one operation when it becomes due.  Any linked programs (Cashbook, General Ledger) is updated.  If required, you can change the invoice detail information.

This is useful for any such type of transactions as fuel cards, power etc.  When due, the program creates the invoice and payment in one go.  All regular frequencies are catered for. 

The direct debit system allows for changing the invoice detail and value, if required.

Creditor Detail History
With the transaction invoice detail option enabled, you have access to a history file that includes all historic purchase line details.  These lines are only viewable after Creditors Period End. 

You can view and search for information; by Creditor, Invoice Description, Product Code, Product Description, Invoice Number, Invoice value and Period / Year.

To avoid duplication of data entry, the Creditors program is linked to;  Pricing / Inventory, EDI, Jobcard, Jobcost, Cashbook, GST, Purchase Orders, Bank Link, Warranty, Serial Numbers, Analysis and General Ledger programs.

The program uses wizards to step you through Journal process.  These include; Move Aged Balances.  Hold or release Transactions.  Split Transactions.  Reverse Creditor Payment.

When making payment on transaction(s), payment types can be CASH, CHEQUE, EFTPOS, DIRECT CREDIT, or CREDIT CARD.
You are required to enter various payment details, dependant on your type of payment method. A remittance advice report is available for including with your payment.

Advanced Payments

Cheque Payments
There are three advanced creditor payment options available. All options provide the ability to drill down and select individual invoices to pay with one cheque.

PAY ALL DUE INVOICES WITH MANUAL CHEQUES: This option allows you to pay all selected Due invoices for a specified Creditor.

WRITE ONE CHEQUE FOR MULTIPLE CREDITORS:  This option allows the selection of Due invoices across multiple creditors and combine the payment into one manually hand written cheque.

PRINT CHEQUES ON PRE PRINTED CHEQUE PAPER:  This option allows you to select Due invoices for printing on special pre printed cheque paper.  The layout for pre printed cheques can be configured to your specific needs and custom designs are also available.

Direct Credit Payments
COMBINED DIRECT CREDIT FOR MULTIPLE CREDITORS:  This option allows the selection of invoices from multiple creditors for payment as one direct credit payment.  For example; Paying all your separate phone accounts with one payment.

Transaction Analysis
If used, a user can assign an analysis code for each transaction.  These codes are user definable. An option is available to ensure a code is assigned, before posting can occur.  If enabled, this feature is also available in Invoicing, Jobcard and Jobcost. 

Creditor Analysis
The creditors analysis feature is a powerful tool to discern where your sales are actually coming from.  If setup, this analysis process will occur automatically as each transaction is posted.  This is normally used to analyse customer sales trends.  The report includes the monthly and Year to date values of transactions assigned to each code.  Once setup, there is no further actions, apart from viewing the monthly reports.  This differs from Transaction Analysis, where you have to select an analysis code for each transaction

Other Features

  • Multiple Reports can be Printed via a macro.

  • Links to Bank Link for import Direct Credit payments into your Banks program.

  • You can easily Split, Hold invoices as required

  • Fully, or partially pay invoices.

  • Computer cheque & remittance advice printing is available.

  • Analyse Invoices - Transaction Analysis.

  • Seven Methods of Searching for Creditors.

Creditor Reports

  • Creditor Contact List.

  • Aged Creditors.

  • Creditors Ledger.

  • Control Report.

  • Cheques List.

  • Direct Credit List.

  • Credit Card Payments.

  • Creditors Analysis.

  • Transaction Analysis.

  • Remittance Advice.

  • Audit.

  • History.

  • Future Period Transactions.

  • Recurring Invoice Report

  • Direct Debit Invoice Report

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