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Advantedge Cashbook

The Cashbook program is designed to emulated a manual cashbook and provide a comprehensive overview of your cash flow situation, allowing you to make informed financial decisions and have more control over your financial resources.

Bank Accounts
Cashbook enables you to maintain accurate records of all bank transactions, account balances, and easily reconcile your bank statements. You can have multiple bank accounts, with independent balances and transactions for each.

Setup Wizard
This eases the initial set up of your bank accounts, by ensuring that the bank account is balanced. You are prompted to enter all un presented cheques and the bank statement closing balance.  The wizard then calculates the current chequebook balance.

Categories are similar to the columns in your manual cashbook.  They provide Expense & Income Analysis.  By assigning each transaction with a category code, the program automatically provides a detailed analysis of all income and expenditure. The number of category codes is unlimited.  You can have Categories with the following types; Income, Expense, Financial, Transfer and Automatic Payment.

Transaction Entry
You can enter transactions either manually, or have them entered automatically when Debtors and Creditors (deposits / payments) are linked to Cashbook.

The transactions for the current period are viewed in the; Cheques, Deposits, Automatic Payments, Internet Bill Pay page tabs.  A list of Last Period un-presented transaction is also available.  An advanced option allows all types to be entered and viewed on one page tab.  You can split cheques or deposits over multiple category codes.

Transaction entry also allows you to reconcile your bank statements (below) and view previously reconciled statements.

Bank Reconciliation
Bank Statement reconciliation is quick and easy. The program automatically tracks all deposits and payments that are not reconciled, until presented.

To reconcile, you enter the opening and closing balances, tick the transactions that appear on both the statement and screen.  You then post the balanced statement.

RECONCILE REPORT:    During reconciliation, you can print out a Reconcile report listing all the current reconciled transactions.

STATEMENT REPORT:    After posting a reconciled statement, you can print out a Statement report listing all reconciled transactions for that bank statement.

Automatic Payments
You can set up automatic payments (direct debits or credits) in Cashbook.  These are automatically generated at the required frequency, within a processing period You can also set AP's in Creditors as recurring invoices, which will transfer the payment details to Cashbook.

To avoid duplication of data entry, the Cashbook program is linked to; Debtors, Creditors and General ledger.  If you are Payment based for GST, the transferred deposits and payments also automatically create the necessary GST transactions.

Note that if you are Invoice based for GST, eligible GST transactions are sourced from the Debtors and Creditors programs.

Cashflow P&L Report
When the categories are set up correctly, the program will print a cash flow profit and loss report showing you the financial results for the Month and Year to date.

Cashflow Budgeting
Accurate cash flow provides more control of your finances.  You can set a monthly budget for each category code.  During the Period End processing, the program enters the actual amount accumulated against that category code, which can then be compared to your budgeted value.

To assist in those occasional issues, wizards are available to correctly step you through the complete process of resolving the problem. These are; Bounced, or Cancelled cheques.  Transfers between accounts.  Dishonoured receipts.  Correct last period transactions. Transaction reversals.

Cashbook Reports

  • Bank Account Listing.

  • Category Summary.

  • Category Details.

  • Category Analysis.

  • Category Detail History.

  • Transaction Report.

  • Control Report.

  • Un-presented Transactions.

  • Deposit Listing.

  • Last Period Transactions.

  • Cash Flow Profit & Loss.

  • Accountant Code Summary.

  • Automatic Payment Schedule.

  • Category Budget Report.

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