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Support Policy Overview

Advantage Business Software Provide a Range of After Sales Support Policies.

Support Overview
Our policy regarding end user support has always been to provide the best possible support to users of our software.

Our main concern is that anyone who needs help, training or general support can obtain it, at a fair and reasonable price.

However, we are also mindful of the need to adopt a "user pays" approach, rather than expecting some users to subsidise others.


Is an important feature, allowing you to make the most of your investment. We highly recommend initial training. This can cover; using the program, basic accounting procedures, plus all necessary daily, weekly and monthly procedures. The on line manuals and demonstration company are available for self training.

Annual Upgrades
There are optional annual, consecutive, program upgrades available. Upgrade benefits include; extended warranty, automatic tax changes, feature enhancement suggestions from users.

0800 Support Fax
A support fax is available for your use. For sending registration forms, support forms, reports, etc.

Support Request Form
It is to your benefit, that a support form is faxed before calling our support services.
The support form includes information on your accounts program that will assist us. Include as many details as possible to assist our team in providing a solution to your questions. A support form with detailed comments, will assist in reducing the cost of any 0900 call.
After processing the support form, a return fax is sent, advising which support line to call. When you phone the support lines, you should have your computer turned and be in the program. Press Ctrl - S anywhere in the program access the support form, or via: Start - Programs - Accounts - Print Support Form.

Help Desk
This is an 0900 service providing prompt technical assistance with your accounting software. It can include; program setup and usage, bookkeeping procedures and general windows procedures. Before calling, please have the computer running and program loaded.
Calls cost $3.15 / minute charged to your Telecom account. The first minute is FREE.

Help Desk Service
For telephone support during business hours

This is a user pays service which will be billed by Telecom on your monthly Telecom phone account, charges are currently $4.95 (plus GST) per minute.
For prompt assistance you should ensure that you have all the following information ready to hand:
The Advantage product you are using
Your program version number.
Charging commences from when your call is answered by our support staff


General Enquiries
You are welcome to call our normal business line (07-576-6667) for any general inquiries, or to discuss this document.

We have pre printed computer stationery (Universal forms) for your Invoice and Statement requirements, with a perforated remittance advice at the bottom of the form.

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