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                      We are a professional software company specialising in the design and support of our easy-to-use accounting and contracting software packages.  Our software is a popular choice for easy to use financial and business management software market for mid-sized businesses, especially in the Building, Electrical, Plumbing and Contracting industry. 

We continually develop our software to cover all the requirements of growing and ever changing small and medium businesses.

This website provides you with initial information on the features and capability of our two software packages.

Advantedge Accounts
Is our premium software system, suitable for small to mid sized businesses.    Advantedge Accounts is a modular suite of programs, which allows you to choose only those programs that suit your immediate requirements.  You can add other programs at any time.

Advantedge Accounts is a multi user capable system, comprised  of 18 fully featured, integrated programs.

ABC Accounts
This system is a basic entry level / small business suite, consisting of nine integrated programs, designed to easily and quickly accomplish your accounting tasks with the a minimum amount of effort.  

priced at $595 (+ GST), ABC Accounts offers unbeatable value and includes; Debtors, Invoicing, Pricing, Cashbook, Jobcard, Payroll, GST, Creditors and Inventory programs.  Later, you can expand ABC Accounts with the following add on programs; ABC Quoting,  ABC Jobcost and ABC EDI.

Users of ABC Accounts can upgrade to Advantedge Accounts at any time,  with their purchase price credited off the  of Advantedge Accounts purchase price and with no loss of information.

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